individual and sur mesure Marroccan art and craft


Source the source, the origin... Souking is my great passion, the search for exceptional pieces in the souks of Morocco. In the winding alleys of the medina I find the inspiration for my work. There I encounter craftsmanship with tradition, handed down by families over many centuries and still practiced today.

Are you looking for something special? I find it! Nothing is impossible in Morocco. If you wish, I can have almost anything made for you.


Objects... For years I have searched for the best craftsmen in Morocco. All my goods/products are unique pieces, made by hand. In close collaboration with my artists, my ideas and designs are put into practice. For the production only natural materials are used, whereby it can come to small errors or unforeseen deviations. It is these details that give unique pieces their personal touch. I would like to point out that product photos may show slight differences to the original. Natural materials of course need special care, I therefore recommend professional cleaning.


Living, dwelling... A place of calm in the storm of time. The private living space is more important than ever. In a fast-moving age, the personal retreat has gained enormous importance. A home where you feel at ease, where you can relax and feel a touch of holiday. With high-quality materials, a well thought-out colour concept, special pieces of furniture and targeted highlights, you can conjure up timeless design in your own four walls.

Are you looking for a design concept? In cooperation with interior designers I can help you with the planning.


Eternity, timeless design... From the inspiration to the realization of an idea, my goods go through many individual steps and thus tell their own story. The personal contact with my craftsmen and the search for the finest materials require a lot of time and space, which sets the foundation for eternal design. Fashion and interiors are closely linked and only a few designers have managed to create art for eternity. My signature of timeless elegance is to reinterpret classic elements and combine them with vintage or antique pieces.